As a young child  in the early 1970's my family moved to the Middle East for work. During this time we visited places such as Jordan, Petra, Isfahan, Afghanistan and Iran. The cultural landscape of the Middle East, coupled with holidays in the Mediterranean, inspired and developed my eye and love for Art + Design.

My family moved back to London in the late 1970’s, whereupon my mother, along with her Business Partner, rented a unit at ‘Antiqurius ‘ on the Kings Road in Chelsea where she sold Victorian ‘Whites’. The business grew rapidly and it wasn’t long before the range of clothing diversified and a shop was required! This saw the creation of the shop ‘Essences’ which was located next to Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm Mclaren’s shop SEX!

The shop sold exquisite 1920’s beaded dresses, clothing from the 1940’s and 50’s, piano shawls and carpet bags! It was a magical revolutionary time and the seed was planted! I was constantly surrounded by textures, shapes , the fabrics and European fashion. I just loved it all , Art, Fashion + Design.

Growing up in multicultural London my eye for design grew stronger and by the early 1990’s I had moved to California to embark on a thrilling career designing make up and hair. I worked in film, television, music video and commercial advertising + fashion editorial – my clients were A list and I had the opportunity to work with some amazingly talented Directors, Rock Stars, Photographers, Actors and Celebrities . Within a small space of time I had become an award winning hair and make up design artist.

2020 arrived and I decided it was time to come home to London! For years I have been sourcing and collecting an array of items ranging from American Advertising Posters to British antique furniture! The items I collect reflect all my travel , life + film set experiences. My desire to become a Dealer was strong as was my desire to return home to London my roots. Leaving Hollywood behind me, I have a new and inspirational space to display my collections ,what better place than Alfie's Antiques!

With Alfie’s long standing History, Reputable Dealers, Fantastic Antiques!

This is my slice of heaven!